Due to my travels around the world I am aiming to spread Forrest Yoga and my teaching style by giving workshops in different studios, cities, countries. In this section you will find upcoming events.


"Although Forrest Yoga has nothing to to with a ‚Forest‘ I would still compare it to climbing a mountain- something we do very often in Austria. We start smoothly, climbing up towards the apex pose and carefully descend afterwards.“ 


During an Intro Workshop I will talk about what Forrest Yoga is about and who Ana T. Forrest is. We will start off with the Basic Moves such as active feet, ujjayi breath and relaxing the neck. I then invite you to set a special intent for our time together. This intention will have a physical as well as emotional focus on which we will concentrate on for the whole time of the workshop. Moreover the sequence of the asanas will be specifically designed for this intent. We will begin with warming up exercises such as stretching positions, abdominal exercises and sun salutations. From there we really heat up by combining sun salutations and standing poses, which we will probably hold longer than you are used to in order to go deep within and awaken muscle cells you were never aware of before! This will end in an apex pose- a deep, challenging position such as a deep hip opener or backbend. At the end of the class we will warm down so that your body carefully calms down again, ending with Savasana. No worries- there will always be enough up- and downlevels, so that everyone is challenged, but not overwhelmed. If you currently have any specific pain, surgery, pregnancy etc. I will help you to find special adaptions by giving you hands-on-assists, so that you get most out of your workshop! 

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